A Java Library for Recommender Systems

Created and Maintained by Guibing Guo

Cross-Platform, Open Source, Efficient and Easy to Use

LibRecĀ is a GPL-licensed Java library (Java version 1.7+ required), aiming to solve two classic problems in recommender systems: rating prediction and item ranking by implementing a suite of state-of-the-art recommendation algorithms. It has been listed by the RecSys Wiki (see the LibRec page).

LibRec Class Structure: an Overview

LibRec Class Structure

Souce code: git clone

Features: How Unique LibRec is?

As a Java software, LibRec can be simply deployed in any platforms, including MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Fast Execution
LibRec runs much faster than other libraries (see a detailed comparison on a number of real-world datasets).
Easy Configuration
LibRec configs recommenders using a configuration file: librec.conf (see how to config a recommender).
Easy Expansion
LibRec provides a set of recommendation interfaces for easy expansion to implement new recommenders.
GPL License
LibRec is a free (open source) software. It can be used, modified, and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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Make a Contribution: Your Suggestion Matters!

If you have general feedback or suggestions, please email me at:
if you find bugs or issues of the library, report them at the librec issue center
You are warmly encouraged to contribute source codes to LibRec!